Stormsriver Adventures Social Responsibility, based in Stormsriver Village, Tsitsikamma, South Africa.

Our Social Responsibility Program


Stormsriver Adventures has formed a non profit organization, NPO number 077-407-NPO, this is already established comprising of 2 community representatives and 2 company representatives to establish priority projects within the community of Stormsriver.

The Stormsriver Adventures Community Projects (SRACP) initiative has been in operation for a number of years on an informal basis in the village of Storms River, a very impoverished rural village. To date the projects have been totally funded by Stormsriver Adventures.

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For any contributions or donations please feel free to contact us.

The major criteria identified are:

  1. Children – Welfare (feeding scheme)
  2. HIV AIDS – support and excursions
  3. Elderly – clothing distribution
  4. Poorest of the poor – clothing distribution
  5. Job creation for unemployed youth. – Skills development. Based on the 5 areas priorities are defined as to which projects we can afford to initiate and support.

Stormsriver Adventures Social Responsibility, Stormsriver Village, Tsitsikamma, South Africa.Respected community representatives provide valuable input ensuring that the projects supported are priority needs within the local community of Stormsriver.


Job creation and skills development

Skills development and job creation initiatives have led to introducing the Stormsriver community to the Eco Adventure Tourism industry since inception of the company in 1998.
1000 community members have been trained since 1998 at a direct cost of R4 million to the company over the past 12 years.

School feeding scheme Animal education and welfare programme

Stormsriver social responsbility, Tsitsikamma, South Africa.

3. HIV AIDS Education and Awareness

The Company launched an aggressive committed campaign in 2006 to tackle the enormous challenge of HIV and Aids. This campaign includes the following:

Social responsibility Tsitsikamma, South AfricaStormsriver Adventures has started an NPO to further these projects, please see below more information on Stormsriver Adventure Community Projects.
Please feel free to contact us should you want to donate towards these projects.

The primary objective of the organisation is to help lift the community out of abject poverty and to help them regain pride and become self-sufficient. To achieve this the charity has in the past, and will continue to be, involved in the following main activities:

  1. The provision of food for a school feeding scheme in terms of which each child in the school is provided with one proper meal a day. The aim of this aspect of the charitable work is to help uplift scholars academic achievement.
  2. Supporting HIVIAIDS education in the community and in the school by providing support and resources to an AIDS counselor.
  3. Mentoring and active support for the establishment and continued success of micro enterprises.
  4. Teaching the community, mainly children, basic life skills through the animal welfare educational program. Using animals as a tangible means to enhance responsibility, self esteem and self-worth amongst the community.
  5. Providing support to organizations involved in improving education and health standards in the village.
  6. Supporting and sponsoring of sport development within the community.

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